Welcome to Airborne Warriors

     We are a local, north Wales, bi-lingual company specializing in bird and pest control. However, we prefer to do the job as environmentally friendly as we can. To this end we use a mixture of modern technology, and the age old tradition of Falconry. This mixture has proven itself viable in many different kinds of sites and situations. We can currently work on: Landfill sites, up to a level that satisfies the Environment agency: Power Stations, where all our operatives have cleared the health and safety, and radiology courses: and Airfields, where all our operatives are trained up to CAP680 level. We also have a license for the removal of nests and eggs of certain problem birds.

     Most of our company vehicles are 4x4 off road capable, which allows for easy access to almost any site. All BCO's (Bird Control Officer's) are issued with all weather clothing, and PPE, which include hard hat, high visibility waistcoat/jacket, and protection boots.

     Each vehicle is equipped with a handheld Scarecrow Bio-acoustic bird dispersal system. This system allows for the simulation of bird distress calls which help scatter the birds without harming them in any way. The birds we use are generally falcons. This is for the main reason that most problem birds - Herring gulls, Greater black-backed gulls, lesser black-backed gulls, wood pigeons, and others -  tend to be the natural prey of any falcon. But we also use a mixture of hawk and large owls for other jobs.

We offer competitive prices and a quality service.


Contact Us at :   Email:     benjie@airbornewarriors.co.uk

Snail mail:     13 Cilfor, Llandecwyn, Talsarnau, Gwynedd. LL476YH

Office phone number:  (01766) 770 188